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Vally Plant Training

Call: 0800 689 1793

Mobile: 07724 967694
Vally Plant Training

Call: 0800 689 1793

Mobile: 07724 967694

Newton Farm Business Park

Ashchurch, Tewkesbury, Gloucester GL20 7BE

NPORS Cat & Genny Training

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The aim Of The NPORS Cat & Genny Training is to:

Provide training in Cable Avoidance and Service Location (Cat and Genny). Training is designed for any person working on the roads, setting out before a build, surveying and any other person excavating an area where pipes or cables may be buried underground.

It is important that all delegates have a good understanding of spoken and written English for the cable avoidance course.

NPORS is an approved CSCS Partner Card Scheme, firstly providing evidence that individuals working on construction sites have the appropriate training and qualifications but more importantly for the safe operation of the cat and genny. Furthermore, training criteria is based on the approved standards of the Construction leadership Council.

Experienced Cable Avoidance Test

The Cat And Genny experienced test is completed in 1 day, there is a 25 question theory test followed by a practical location of buried services and identifying the type of service located

Cable Avoidance Course Content

  • Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974, and other relevant.
  • Cover all aspects of HSG47
  • legislation and guidelines.
  • Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulation.
  • Manual Handling Regulation.
  • Personal Protective Equipment Regulation
  • The function and operation of all controls of the cable avoidance tool (CAT).
  • The function and operation of all controls of the signal generator (GENNY).
  • Correct use in Power, Radio and generator mode(dependent on type there may be other modes)
  • Testing, Inspection and maintenance of the equipment.
  • Correct search procedure, pinpointing and tracing the service

Why Book Your Test With VPT

  • Cat & Genny Training Available 7 days a week to suit your business requirements.
  • VPT have a team of friendly and approachable instructors, who have a wealth of knowledge of cable avoidance and the construction industry
  • We have our own training centre conveniently located close to the M5 junction 9, In Tewkesbury. With its own purpose-built practical training area to simulate an actual working environment for the cat & genny course.
  • Our Cable Avoidance training and test packages are priced to be competitive. Discounts are available for multiple bookings
  • We can send a fully qualified NPORS cat & genny Tester to your site nationwide, to reduce the amount of time away from work

If you have any questions or to book your Cat & Genny Training or test today for a low fee deposit, please Email us or call 01684 297167

Open Courses

Please call our office for open courses

Cat And Genny Course Duration

1 Day course for all candidates


Tewkesbury training centre or at our clients’ site nationwide


CITB Funding may be available, Find out more by clicking the CITB logo below




Traditional card – lasts for 5 years and is mainly accepted with housebuilders, utilities, port and marine as proof of competence OR

NPORS card with CSCS logo – accepted by all major building contractor’s. The initial card is the RED trained operator card which lasts for 2 years and can be upgraded to BLUE competent operator card further to completion of relevant NVQ.

CSCS Health & Safety Test

If you require the NPORS Cable Avoidance Red operator card with the CSCS logo on then you must have completed the operatives health and safety test within the last two years.

In house certificates: suitable as proof of operator competence accepted for insurance and HSE compliance.

npors operator card