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Vally Plant Training

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Vally Plant Training

Call: 0800 689 1793

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Newton Farm Business Park

Ashchurch, Tewkesbury, Gloucester GL20 7BE

NPORS Lift Supervisor Training

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NPORS Lift Supervisor Training £895.00

The aim of the NPORS Lift Supervisor Training is to Provide candidates with underpinning knowledge to allow them to understand the role and responsibility of the Lift Supervisor. As a result of the Lift Supervisor Course, and following successful completion of the NPORS Crane Supervisor training candidates will be able to understand and follow safe systems of work for lifting operations. This Lift supervisor course is for 3 days and can be completed at your site or ours.

It is important that all delegates have a good understanding of spoken and written English for NPORS Lift Supervisor Training.

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NPORS Lift Supervisor Experienced Test £320.00

NPORS Lift Supervisor Experienced Worker Test is for operators who have received some form of Lift Supervisor Course in the past or alternatively has been working with Lifting equipment, like cranes, Excavators or Telehandlers for a number of years. If you are unsure if you qualify to go down the Lift Supervisor experienced test route please contact our team to discuss this in more detail. Discounts are available for multiple Lift Supervisor Course bookings

There are two parts to the lift supervisor test, a theory section comprised of 25 questions and a practical session, however Lift Supervisor training revision notes will be sent once the test has been booked. It is important that all delegates have a good understanding of spoken and written English for NPORS Crane Supervisor Training

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Crane Supervisor Course Summary: Leading Safe and Efficient Lifting Operations


Ever wonder who keeps construction sites and warehouses running smoothly and safely? That’s where lift supervisors come in. They’re the unsung heroes ensuring everything moves like clockwork. And when it comes to proving you’re the best in the biz, NPORS certification is your golden ticket. It’s not just a piece of paper; it’s your passport to climbing the career ladder.

Why Choose Our NPORS Lift Supervisor Training?

What makes our training stand out? Imagine learning from folks who’ve been in the trenches, in training grounds that feel like the real deal, and schedules that bend to your life, not the other way around. We’re not about boring lectures; we’re about getting your hands dirty.

Who Should Attend Lift Supervisor Training?

Are you the go-to person when things need to get done? Whether you’re starting out or looking to step up, if you’re in the world of construction or logistics, this is for you. It’s tailored for those who like to keep things moving, safely and efficiently.

Course Objectives:

1. Understanding Regulatory Requirements:

    • Familiarise participants with relevant regulations and industry standards governing crane operations, LOLER.
    • Ensure compliance with legal requirements and best practices for safe lifting operations, BS7121.

2. Roles and Responsibilities of a Crane Lift Supervisor:

    • Define the roles and responsibilities of a Lift supervisor within the context of lifting operations.
    • Highlight the importance of effective communication, leadership, and decision-making skills.

3. Crane Safety Procedures:

    • Provide an overview of crane safety procedures, including pre-operational checks, equipment inspection, and maintenance.
    • Emphasize the importance of hazard identification, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies.

4. Lifting Plan Development:

    • Guide participants in the understanding of the lifting plans tailored to specific lifting tasks and site conditions created by the Appointed Person(AP).
    • Address factors such as load weight, size, shape, centre of gravity, and environmental considerations.

5. Site Safety and Hazard Awareness:

    • Enhance participants’ awareness of potential hazards in the lifting environment, such as overhead power lines, unstable ground, and confined spaces.
    • Implement effective measures to mitigate risks and ensure a safe working environment.

6. Communication and Coordination:

    • Stress the importance of clear and effective communication between crane operators, riggers, signallers, and other personnel involved in lifting operations.
    • Provide guidance on establishing communication protocols, using standardized hand signals, and conducting pre-lift briefings.

7. Emergency Response and Crisis Management:

    • Equip participants with the skills and knowledge to respond effectively to emergencies and crisis situations during lifting operations.
    • Implement emergency procedures, evacuation protocols, and contingency plans to mitigate risks and ensure personnel safety.

8. Practical Exercises and Case Studies:

    • Provide hands-on lift supervisor training opportunities for participants to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.
    • Analyse real-life case studies to identify lessons learned, best practices, and areas for improvement in crane supervision.

Learning Outcomes

By the end, you’ll be a pro at keeping sites safe, managing lifts, and leading teams. You’ll walk away not just with knowledge, but with practical skills that meet and beat industry standards. It’s about making you the go to lift supervisor everyone wants on their team.

Course Logistics

Ready to jump in? We’ve got training spots across the UK, with dates and times that fit your life. Signing up is a breeze, and we’ll guide you through any paperwork or prerequisites. It’s all about making it easy for you to get started.


A crane supervisor course aims to empower participants with the expertise and confidence to lead safe and efficient lifting operations on construction sites. By focusing on regulatory compliance, safety procedures, lifting plan development, hazard awareness, communication, and practical training, the course prepares crane supervisors to fulfil their roles effectively and ensure the well-being of all personnel involved in lifting activities. Investing in crane supervisor training is essential for promoting a culture of safety, minimising risks, and achieving excellence in crane operations management.

Why Book Your Test With VPT

  • Crane Supervisor Training Available 7 days a week to suit your business requirements.
  • VPT have a team of friendly and approachable instructors, who importantly have a wealth of knowledge of lifting supervision and the construction industry
  • We have our own training centre conveniently located close to the M5 junction 9, In Tewkesbury. With its own purpose-built practical training area to simulate an actual working environment for the supervisor course.
  • Our Lift Supervisor training and test packages are priced to be competitive. Discounts are available for multiple bookings
  • We can send a fully qualified NPORS supervisor Tester to your site nationwide, for instance to reduce the amount of time away from work

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Lift Supervisor Training?

Lift Supervisor Training is a specialised course designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills required to supervise lifting operations safely and efficiently. This training typically covers topics such as planning lifts, managing lifting equipment, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

2. Who should attend The Lift Supervisor Course?

This training is ideal for individuals responsible for overseeing lifting operations on construction sites, in warehouses, or any environment where lifting equipment like cranes are used. It’s particularly beneficial for site supervisors, managers, and anyone involved in the planning and execution of lifting operations to attend the NPORS Lift supervisor Course.

3. What certifications are available through the Lift Supervisor Training?

Participants can obtain several Lift Supervisor certifications, including:

  • NPORS Traditional card: Valid for 5 years, widely accepted in various sectors.
  • NPORS card with CSCS logo: Recognised by major building contractors, with an initial RED trained operator card that can be upgraded to a BLUE competent operator card after completing relevant Crane Supervisor NVQ.

4. Is a health and safety test required for the NPORS Crane Supervisor Red operator card with the CSCS logo?

Yes, to qualify for this card, you must have completed the CSCS operatives health and safety test within the last two years.

5 . How long is the certification valid, and what is the renewal process?

The NPORS Traditional card is valid for 5 years. The NPORS card with the CSCS logo’s RED trained operator card is valid for 2 years, after which it can be upgraded to a BLUE competent Crane Supervisor operator card upon completion of relevant NVQs. The renewal process typically involves undergoing a refresher course or assessment to ensure continued competence.



Free food with all training coursesFree Retest



NPORS Crane Supervisor Course Duration

Novice: 3 Day’s Training, maximum of 6 candidates.

Experienced Operator: 1 Day test only, maximum of 6 candidates.

Location: Tewkesbury Training Centre

At Our Customers Site*: Our instructors travel Nationwide To deliver crane supervisor training and NVQ

*Mileage and accommodation charges may apply



Traditional card – lasts for 5 years and is mainly accepted with housebuilders, utilities, port and marine as proof of competence OR

NPORS card with CSCS logo – accepted by all major building contractor’s. The initial card is the RED trained operator card which lasts for 2 years and can be upgraded to BLUE competent operator card further to completion of relevant NVQ.

CSCS Health & Safety Test

If you require the NPORS Crane Supervisor Red operator card with the CSCS logo on then you must have completed the operatives health and safety test within the last two years.

In house certificates: suitable as proof of operator competence accepted for insurance and HSE compliance.

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