An overview of our NPORS Training Courses

We offer NPORS training and testing nationwide.

NPORS  is an approved  CSCS  Partner Card Scheme and these cards should be accepted when presented at the site gates. The important thing to look out for, alongside the card holder's identification, qualifications and training is the silver CSCS logo, this is usually displayed on the front of a card. For more information on the accepted card schemes please download HERE.


In-line with the Government Strategy for Construction for a single logo that card schemes can work to, and as a result of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) decision to award the single logo status to CSCS, the NPORS Construction Operator Card will in future be issued in line with the requirements stipulated by the CLC and will display the CSCS logo

When booking your course/test please let us know if you require the NPORS/CSCS Card or the traditional NPORS card.

All operators who require the NPORS/CSCS card must have completed the CSCS health and safety test within the last two years.

Current NPORS Construction Cardholders.

The facility is in place to apply for a transitional NPORS / CSCS operator card via NPORS.
Operators may apply directly or employers may apply on behalf of their operators via this service.

Existing NPORS Card Holder – No (S)NVQ Held.

For operators who do not currently hold the requisite (S)NVQ a Trained Operator card will be issued and valid for two years from the date of application. During these two years, operators will be required to register for and achieve the requisite (S)NVQ with the unit credits applicable to the categories of plant held on their Trained Operator card. Vally Plant Training can register you for the relevant plant operations level 2 (S)NVQ. Please call us for a competitive quote today.

Vally Plant Training courses vary depending on the experience of the individual, the two categories are classed as 'Novice' and 'Experienced' operator.

Novice Operators:

Are individuals who have no real operator experience or previous training on the equipment which needs to be used. The individual will need to complete a full course which is designed to give theory and practical knowledge which will be taught and practised over the course duration. All courses also include all relevant Health And Safety Legislation. Please see the course for duration for a novice.

Experienced Operators:

Are individuals who have in the past completed an operator course be it internal or external. This will be classed as a Test only, however, there will be some classroom time to cover the relevant Health And Safety. This will be classed as an Experienced Worker Test (EWT).