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Vally Plant Training

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Vally Plant Training

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NPORS Telehandler Training

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Overview of Telehandler Training

Telehandler training is an essential program designed to equip operators with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently operate telehandlers. These versatile machines, commonly used in agriculture, construction, and warehousing, require precise handling due to their complex controls and varied load capacities.
The importance of comprehensive telehandler training cannot be overstated. It ensures that operators are well-versed in both the theoretical and practical aspects of handling these machines, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and injuries on the job. Moreover, proper training aids in maximizing the operational efficiency of telehandlers, which can contribute to the timely completion of projects and the effective management of resources.
In various industries, telehandlers play a critical role in lifting and transporting heavy materials over obstacles and uneven terrain, making the training crucial for anyone involved in operations that require heavy lifting and material handling. The course covers a range of topics, including safety regulations, operational techniques, maintenance basics, and troubleshooting common issues, ensuring that all participants are prepared to handle the demands of operating a telehandler in any setting.

Course Options and Duration

Our telehandler training courses are designed to suit both experienced and novice operators, ensuring everyone receives training that’s right for their skill level.

  • → For Experienced Operators: If you already have experience with telehandlers, we offer a quick, one-day course that focuses just on assessment. This session allows up to four people to demonstrate their ability to safely and effectively operate a telehandler. It’s a fast way to validate your skills and get back to work.
  • → For Novice Operators: Beginners can take a more thorough training that lasts anywhere from one to five days, depending on how quickly you pick up the skills. These sessions are smaller, with no more than three people, allowing for plenty of one-on-one attention and guidance. The length of your course might vary based on your starting skill level, ensuring you get the right amount of training to feel confident and competent.
  • →Training Location: We come to you! All training is carried out at your site anywhere in the UK. This means you can learn on the equipment you’ll actually be using, in a setting you’re familiar with.
  • →Funding Opportunities: You might be able to get some funding to help cover the cost of your training through CITB. Click on the CITB logo below to find out more about this opportunity.

Please be aware that while we cover the entire UK, there may be extra charges for mileage and accommodation depending on where you’re based.

Our goal is to provide flexible, understandable, and accessible training that equips you with everything you need to operate telehandlers safely and efficiently, wherever you are.

Training Location and Requirements

Training Location

  • On-Site Training Only: The NPORS Telehandler course is conducted exclusively at the customer’s site. This setup is ideal for those seeking “telehandler training near me,” as it is available nationwide, meaning the instructors travel to your location.

Training Requirements

  • Course Duration:
    1. Experienced Operator: This is a 1-day test only, accommodating a maximum of 4 candidates.
    2. Novice Operator: The duration for novice operators ranges from 1 to 5 days and is limited to a maximum of 3 candidates per session.
  •  Certification Options:
    1. NPORS Traditional Card: Valid for 5 years and widely accepted in industries such as housebuilding and utilities.
    2. NPORS Card with CSCS Logo: This card is initially a RED trained operator card, valid for 2 years, which can be upgraded to a BLUE competent operator card upon completion of relevant NVQs.

CSCS Health & Safety Test: To obtain the NPORS Telehandler Red operator card with the CSCS logo, it is required that candidates have completed the operatives health and safety test within the last two years, a critical requirement for those looking for telehandler training near me.

Certification and Validation

NPORS Traditional Card: This certification lasts for 5 years and is primarily accepted within sectors such as housebuilders, utilities, port, and marine. It serves as proof of competence in telehandler operations.

NPORS Card with CSCS Logo: This card starts as a RED trained operator card, which is valid for 2 years. Candidates can upgrade this card to a BLUE competent operator card after completing the relevant NVQs. The card with the CSCS logo is recognized by all major building contractors, making it a crucial certification for broader industry acceptance.

Both certifications validate the operator’s ability to safely and competently handle telehandler operations, adhering to industry standards and regulations.

CSCS Health & Safety Test Requirements

For obtaining the NPORS Telehandler Red operator card, it is essential to have completed the CSCS Health & Safety Test. This requirement must be met within the last two years prior to applying for the card. The test ensures that operators have up-to-date knowledge of safety protocols, which is crucial for maintaining a safe working environment. This step is a significant component of the forklift telehandler training process, ensuring that all operators are well-prepared to handle the equipment safely under various conditions. Successfully passing this test demonstrates the operator’s commitment to safety, making it a critical requirement for those participating in forklift telehandler training and seeking certification.

Telehandler Hire Services

The availability of telehandler hire is specified for either training or operational purposes. This service facilitates both the practical training aspects of telehandler operation and the application of these skills in real-world scenarios. Clients can benefit from the convenience of having telehandlers available on-site, enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the training provided. This service is especially beneficial for companies that may not own the necessary equipment but are seeking comprehensive training for their staff.

Funding and Financial Support

Potential funding options are available for participants interested in telehandler training, including CITB funding. This financial support can help mitigate the telehandler training prices, making it more accessible for individuals and companies looking to enhance their workforce’s skills. CITB funding may cover part of the training costs, thereby reducing the overall financial burden on participants. This support is vital for those who are concerned about telehandler training prices and are looking for ways to economically invest in their professional development or that of their employees.

Booking and Contact Information

To book a telehandler training course at Vally Plant Training, you can directly contact them to ensure your specific training needs are met comprehensively. Here are the details for booking and further inquiries:

Booking directly with Vally Plant Training guarantees that your course will be tailored to your exact needs without the complications that can arise from third-party brokers. This approach ensures a direct, clear communication channel and a personalized service experience.

Aim of the NPORS Telehandler Training is to:

Provide Telehandler Training to the candidate with the basic knowledge and practical skills involved in operating the telescopic handler. On successful completion of the NPORS Telehandler Training course. you will be issued with an NPORS trained operator card on successful completion of the Telehandler Course

NPORS is an approved CSCS Partner Card Scheme, providing evidence that individuals working on construction sites have the appropriate training and qualifications for the safe use of telehandlers on site. Furthermore, training criteria is based on the approved standards of the Construction Leadership Council.

This Telehandler training can only be completed on your site due to the training centres restriction.

Experienced operator – NPORS Telehandler Test

NPORS Telehandler Test is for operators who have received some form of training in the past or alternatively has been operating the Telehandler for a period of time. If you are unsure if you qualify to go down the test route please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

There are two parts to the telehandler test, a theory section comprised of 25 questions and a practical session.

Telehandler Forklift Course Summary

  • Be able to operate the Telehandler safely and correctly in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and accepted good practice.
  • Carry out Telehandler pre-shift inspection.
  • Be able to load and unload vehicles and static racking.
  • Understand the causes of instability of the truck and loads.
  • Have an understanding of responsibilities under Health and Safety at Act, PUWER, LOLER and other current relevant legislation.
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations.
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998.
  • Health and Safety at Work Order.
  • Other current relevant regulations.
  • Introduction to the machine.
  • Pre-shift inspections.
  • Controls and instruments.
  • Components and main types of lift trucks.
  • Refuelling systems.
  • Coolant, fuel and lubrication systems.
  • Emergency controls.
  • Manoeuvring over uneven ground.
  • Operators safety code.
  • Handling loaded/unloaded pallets and difficult shaped loads.
  • Loading and Unloading flatbed lorries and at various heights.
  • For more information on our telehandler training

Why Book Your Test With VPT

  • NPORS Telehandler Training Available 7 days a week to suit your business requirements.
  • VPT have a team of friendly and approachable instructors, who have a wealth of knowledge of the telehandler and the construction industry
  • Our Telehandler training and test packages are priced to be competitive. Discounts are available for multiple bookings
  • We can send a fully qualified NPORS Telehandler Tester to your site nationwide, to reduce the amount of time away from work

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a telehandler?

A telehandler, or telescopic handler, is a machine used mainly in construction and agriculture. It looks like a forklift but has a boom (extendable arm) that makes it more versatile. You can attach different tools like buckets, pallet forks, or lift jibs to its end.

2. Who should take telehandler training?

Anyone who needs to operate a telehandler as part of their job should take this training. This includes workers in industries like construction, agriculture, and manufacturing.

3. What will I learn in telehandler training?

The training covers how to safely operate a telehandler, including starting, maneuvering, and stopping the machine, as well as handling loads correctly. You’ll also learn about daily maintenance checks and how to respond to emergency situations.

4. Do I need any prior experience to enroll in the training?

No prior experience with telehandlers is required. The training is designed to teach you from scratch. However, having some experience with other heavy machinery might make the learning process easier

5. How long does the training take?

The duration can vary depending on the training provider, but typically, it ranges from a few days to a week. This includes both classroom learning and practical, hands-on training.

6. Is there a test I need to pass at the end of the training?

Yes, most training programs conclude with a test that assesses your understanding and ability to operate a telehandler safely. Passing this test is usually required to receive certification.



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NPORS Telehandler Course Duration

Experienced Operator: 1 Day Test only, maximum 4 candidates

Novice Operator: 1-5 Days, maximum 3 candidates

Location: can only be completed on your site – Nationwide, due to the training centres restriction

Funding: CITB Funding may be available, Find out more by clicking the CITB logo below

At Our Customers Site Nationwide*: Our instructors travel throughout the UK To deliver telehandler training

*Mileage and accommodation charges may apply

The Telehandler Training Novice duration can vary depending on the experience of the candidate.




Traditional card – lasts for 5 years and is mainly accepted with housebuilders, utilities, port and marine as proof of competence OR

NPORS card with CSCS logo – accepted by all major building contractor’s. The initial card is the RED trained operator card which lasts for 2 years and can be upgraded to BLUE competent operator card further to completion of relevant NVQ.

CSCS Health & Safety Test

If you require the NPORS Telehandler Red operator card with the CSCS logo on then you must have completed the operatives health and safety test within the last two years.

In house certificates: suitable as proof of operator competence accepted for insurance and HSE compliance.

NPORS telehandler test

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