NPORS Excavator Training Or Test

Vally Plant Training provide training and testing in the safe and efficient operation of tracked or wheeled excavators (360 °). We also offer the 180 backhoe excavator training.

All candidates will be trained and tested by Vally Plant Training's fully accredited NPORS Instructors.

NPORS Excavator Experienced Worker Test or Training can be delivered at Vally Plant Training's centre or on our customers sites.

The Training provide's safety knowledge and practical training in the safe use of excavators be it tracked or wheeled machines.

NPORS is an approved CSCS Partner Card Scheme and these cards should be accepted when presented at the site gates.

The important thing to look out for, alongside the card holder's identification, qualifications and training is the silver CSCS logo, this is usually displayed on the front of a card.

For more information on the accepted card schemes please download HERE.

 NPORS Excavator Course Content

To develop both skills and knowledge associated with this type of machine, the following topics will be covered:


  • Statutory Requirements.
  • Site Safety Awareness.
  • Operating Safety Code.
  • Road & Site Travelling Procedures.
  • NPORS Multiple Choice Theory Test.

Practical Training/Assessment:

  • Introduction to the Machine.
  • Control Familiarisation.
  • Pre-Start Checks & Basic Maintenance Procedures.
  • Basic Driving Procedures & Practice.
  • Use of Hydraulic Controls.
  • Parking at End of Shift Procedures/ Practice.
  • Road & Site Travelling Procedures/Practice.
  • Excavating & Digging Procedures/Practice.
  • Trenching Procedures/Practice.
  • Backfilling Procedures/Practice.
  • Site Levelling & Ground Consolidation Procedures/Practice.
  • Practical Skills Tests.


Micro Excavator up to 1T
Excavator Below 10T
Excavator above and below 10T
Wheeled Or Tracked
180 excavator (3CX)
Lifting Operations(additional)


NPORS Plastic identity card with photo, this card is issued by NPORS.
NPORS/CSCS Trained operator card. (must have completed the H&S test within the last 2 years)
In house certificates, this is suitable proof of operator competence accepted for insurance and HSE compliance

Course Duration

Experienced Operator: 1 Day Assessment only
Novice Operator: 1-10 Days

More Information

For further details on the excavator training and to book your place, please call 01684 297167

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Lifting With Excavators

This good practice guide from the Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group was produced due to the prolific use of excavators used for lifting operations in the construction and allied sectors. The guidance thoroughly sets out the precautions and procedures that should be taken into account when planning and carrying out lifting operations with 360-degree tracked and wheeled excavators as well as 180-degree excavators/backhoe loaders. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDANCE HERE(CPA)